This is a little weird, since I already have a links section on my other comic website. First of all, go read Kiwi Day. That should answer all the questions you might have about wtf this comic is about, and the past events I keep referencing. ^_^

Now for the rest of the links list, I suppose I'll give you another taste of comics I read, this time those that I've gotten into more recently. (oh, and if you have a webcomic you want me to link to, shove it in your ear! .. I mean email me. ^_^ )

Count Your Sheep Doesn't get much more artsy than this. The whole thing is in a blue palette, the primary 3 characters are the only characters that ever appear onscreen, and and and.. it's CUTE! It's just.. oodles of cute. Read it.
Misfile This hand-drawn manga-style comic updates often and is sexy in appearance! It's a new spin on gender-bending whatnot, done a lot more realistically than Ranma, but no less hilariously.

Yellow Sticky

This... uh.. webcomic.. defies convention by being done entirely on yellow sticky notes. This is by the author of Neko the Kitty. It's really friggin' funny, Gar's a genius.
Okashina Okashi - Strange Candy If you're a girl, this comic is for you. It's pretty much every otaku girl's wet dream smashed together. Do girls get wet dreams? Whatever. I'm a dude, so I read it cuz it's so funny and true.
PartiallyClips (lol pun) Again, not exactly a regular comic.. this guy takes one piece of clipart, and then turns it into a 3-panel comic. It's freakin' hilarious, though, cuz this guy's a genius.
xkcd On the subject of smartyness, this guy is absolutely brilliant. It's a stick figure comic, but it keeps making me go "OH YEAH I TOTALLY THINK ABOUT THAT ALL THE TIME" and makes me wonder why I never thought to put it in a comic or something.
White Ninja Comics I'm really impressed by people who can draw like they can't draw, if you get my meaning. Probably the smartest example of stupid-humor online. Well, not online anymore, sadly, but check out SOOPAH! by the same guy
Breakfast of the Gods Lol serious serial about cereal mascots.
Mr. Goh Try to read this and not smile. A weird little white man-thing is very weird and funny. He's little and featureless and hilarious.
Antiseptic Poetry / Sunflower Girl Do any of you remember Less than Kate? They kinda keep reinventing themselves, but at its basis it's a slice of life comic about a girl that just happens to be a superhero, but spends most of her time dancing in her underwears and having nice relationships with her friends.. yes. Then there's also the one drawn by the other person, which takes place earlier. Both are great!
MARRY ME Ok, it doesn't update very often, but it's nice n' high-quality.. and you can really tell it's going somewhere. This comic is about a not-that-bad celebrity-music-chick who randomly decides to marry some guy. It's funny, y'see.
Elle, and all the others Not only is it a sexy comic of sex, but it's written by a foreignguy whose english is bad! Add to that a rather quirky art style, and you have a guaranteed laugh-on happening in your pants.
Riotfish This one's gonna be hard to explain, especially cuz he runs several different comics.. ok, like, there's a really way-out meta-parody of newspaper comic strips.. then there's parodies of stupid commercials... but most of all this weird comic I don't really get.. about .. uh.. some small-town kids? It's surreal as all hell. Enjoy ^_^
Menage a 3 This one's Canadian. It's like 3's Company except both Jack and Janet both want Chrissy, and Chrissy speaks French the way the ethnic SuperFriends spoke their native languages. Also Mr. Roper is a mean old woman. Occasional boobs :D
Power Nap It's a really deep story about a seriously screwed up future where very few people still need to sleep, but this guy does, and he can't get enough.. then weird stuff starts happening.
pear-pear A pretty surreal comic with no dialogue, only pictures in word bubbles... about.. like.. the things on your table. It's the best.
Bear and Kitten This comic is simultaneously cute and totally dark. There's a bear and a kitten and they live in a house... boop!
Buttersafe Completely off the wall.. sometimes surrealist.. messes around with punchlines.. you have to see this one to get it.
Some Battling Monsters Ohhh so much style.. so much cute.. and so many nonsequiturs. It's the best monsters comic there is!
Brawl in the Family I miss when my humor was this simple. No waiting, just instant laugh.
Hentai Action Theater Porn! Very funny porn! Several unrelated comics with hilarious porn! P.S. porn humor
Oglaf Also porn. This is extremely funny porn, you guys.. though this one's more making fun of pornish fantasy epics...
Imaginary Daughter I just have to love the concept here. This gets pretty artistic in places, but at its basis it's just the interesting story of a dude who randomly has an adorable daughter for no reason one day.
Mountain Time Just.. brilliant.. kinda maybe XKCD's brain-damaged twin that came out brilliant somehow...
Cat Nine Made of bawwww. The main character is a lot like NeNe! This is just the cutest ever... and an unusual mix of comics and simple flash cartoons.
Axe Cop Some of the most epically awesome madness ever to come out of a 5-year-old's brain, and that's saying something.
Pilli Adventure Completely hilarious Mexican comic (in awesome slightly dented English) with a style I fell in love with instantly. It's also really subtly smart. Something I've aspired to be more like before I ever saw it, really.
Court of Chaos It's based on a roleplaying thing! That's a great source! My pal Tamdrin is really, really good at drawing. BUT she's also good at plotting out a comic image. I won't spoil whether she's good at story, you have to check it yourself to find out. Spoilers: she is.
hey pais This is the best comic on the internet drawn by a cat. She is the prettiest artist.
Modest Medusa A cute snakemonster girl came out of the toilet! Do you really need more convincing? Um, the art is good too!
Ratfist Doug TenNapel actually did a webcomic. It's like the 90s and today have merged and the result is the awesomest goofsauce superhero since the Tick.
Calm Blue Oceans Silly one-shots about silly people... usually with some twist at the end. Silly.
The Artist & The Muse Very cute comic about a guy whose girlfriend models for his art.. It's hard to describe exactly what makes this so adorable, but the nudity certainly helps.
Atomic Laundromat Despite taking place at a mundane location, this comic does a really good job of poking fun at the superhero genre, in much the way The Venture Bros. does.
Doctor Cat The meme you all love actually has a full webcomic! It's the cutest thing there could ever be.
Go Get a Roomie Sexy, adorable, and absolutely mindscrewy if you make the mistake of trying to look at it through the eyes of reality. Pure escapist goodness about a pretty freeloader with no inhibitions.
Kiwi Blitz Truly excellent, it combines superheroes, cyborgs, and fighting robots in an excellent crime fighting story.. I friggin' love the name, too, and not just because I'm probably going to appear after it on webcomic lists.
Prequel One o' those interactive comic dealies you hear about sometimes, this cat lady is positively adorbs and if you go to their forum you can suggest what should happen next!
Bearmageddon Written and drawn by the guy that draws Axe Cop... It's pretty nuts. Killer bears and lovable slackers abound.
QuestsYeah! This guy said he was going to do an Adventure Time comic, then changed it so it was unique, but still pretty clearly AT-inspired. The result is everything you could hope for!
Beeserker This kind of humor.. it reminds me of the old days.. I miss being this funny. It's not just a bee-powered robot, two crazy scientists, and a hot girl in a weird outfit.. it's.. bizarre and funny.
Crazy Sunshine Very saucy. It's a lot of cute girls and one's a demon and one's a monster.. It's a little bit Tenchi-ish.
Paranatural Oh come on, I don't have to explain this one. Everyone reads Paranatural. It's like Shaman King and Yu Yu Hakusho had a babby and it ended up with a super unique style.
You Suck Really hot porn comic about a chubby horny girl and her succubus pal who gets her into sexy situations, with sexy results.
Beyond the Box Drawn by the The Artist and the Muse guy. A young runaway and a tigerman are going to show us how it's done.
Rutabaga Adventuer Yet another comic in the so-very-coveted "what Kiwi Day wishes it could be" category. It's cute, super well drawn, and has a great fantasy plot with cooking mixed in.
Not 'Super' At All Smash Bros characters as normal people in high school! Okay, that sounds terrible, but it's actually good.
Selkie If you can get past how squeaky clean and politically correct and sensitive and very-special-episode it is, this is a truly great comic with a unique concept.. This guy adopts some kind of a fish-monster-girl, and she's just the cutest.. and has the cutest way of talking.. and gets in trouble because she's feisty. Go read it. The art's kind of bad but who am I to talk?
Starship Mollusc Okay, it's a sci-fi comedy in the vein of Red Dwarf or Outer Space Astronauts, but a bunch of cartoon type aliens.. It's really funny.
Larp Trek Actually not a comic about Star Trek guys LARPing, but rather DnDing.. Specifically the TNG crew DnDing DS9, which is weirdly awesome. It's done with photo cutouts too, so
The Sorcerer's Nuisance Super cute comic about a little girl apprentice who gets into trouble with her adorable frog pal while apprenticing under a wizard wizard a wizard man.
Luka's Journey Very unique werewolf story.. Super well drawn and great action.
Dino-Sour Hey look, Mandingo has a comic. It's super cute and weirdly funny, like everything she does.
Little Bot Comics A robot wakes up in some kind of place with robots, and he's on the run!! This is like, more interesting than it has any business being.
Sybil - Miscellany Merchant Foxy faun girl operates a binniss in a cool fantasy world. I love seeing this aspect of the videogame fantasy setting... the economy. So cool.
Minnie n' Slug Hnnngh cute little redneck girl and her redneck pa. I'm getting The Critic flashbacks.
Harpy Gee That girl that drew the Princess Amethyst shorts has a webcomic, and it's awesome fantasy! Really pretty.
Aerin A pretty nice adventure story, the plot progression feels like a really nice linear videogame.
This is Chico This.. this is why I love Mexican webcomics. Really really funny porn. Totally offbeat porn.
Solstoria A neat and rich fantasy story with Power Pack-tier art. So cute.. Oh lawd.
BCDE Really cynical and darkly funny comic strip about a family that puts the "nal" in dysfunctional.
The Adventures of the Great Captain Maggie (and crew!) Hehehehehe. A trio of girl pirates who perfectly fit the classic comedy trio formula. This is just.. I wish I could be this funny.
Hamlet's Danish In terms of writing this is just another really clever series of gags, but the art is also fantastic! Way better than it needs to be.
Destructocon Darkly funny and utterly surreal comic about two guys who run a convenience store in a horrifyingly monstrous setting.. But it's really funny and it tickles a weird part of your brain.
Tove This totally feels like a crazy adventure cartoon you could totally see on Cartoon Network lately. I love this girl's attitude.
the GaMERCaT On the surface, a comic about cats who play videogames sounds a bit overdone, but A) the art is super SUPER cute. Sanrio cute. and B) they're actual real normal cats that can't talk to humans, which makes it even funnier. They have to sneak gaming in when nobody's looking.
Chaos in the Tropics This comic has fantastic art, and once in a while boobies (be patient for boobies), but independently of that it has a fantastic pullin'-you-in story and action that rivals anything ever created in any medium. Get ready to feel the same feeling you felt when you first watched DBZ saturday mornings.
Let's Speak English By the same creator as Kiwi Blitz, it's the real life adventures of a cute lady teaching English to cute Nihonchildren and adapting to the Nihon and its ways. So damn kawaii. Desu.
The Green Knight Really impressive fantasy adventure comic about a knight cursed with bein-a-frog. This story has legs, I tell you what.
Bad Adjectives (or perhaps "Badjectives") Very offbeat humor done in a subtly faux-amateur style. You can seriously not predict any of these punch lines.
West Tree Academy of Heroes Man, this is some offbeat shit in an awesome way. Just some weird characters with tons of personality, playing off each other while some-a-times having crazy adventures. The art starts out bad but it gets better quickly.
Cassiopeia Quinn Two words: Space butts. This is a delightfully funny scifi adventure with a really appealing art style. And butts.
BUG QUEST Really excellent CYOA in the vein of Prequel, it follows the adventures of some hapless bug-people trying to figure out the world around them and try to overcome brain damage and bad reader suggestions.
Beyond the Canopy I say it a lot, but this is very much like what Kiwi Day would be if I was better. Cute plant people fantasy fun times adventure!
Dead Heat There seems to be a lot of supernatural office comedies lately, but this one really gets it right. Plus the art is just great. All the monster things that work here are just great.
Boobgirl We need more silly and naughty over the top superhero stories in my opinion. It has the boobies.
ZUKAHNAUT A rare example of a comic I would totally buy in issue form on shelves, it works great in a total Hellboy kind of way, with a total MEGAS feel.. an ogre dude from another planet fights all kinds of interdimensional crazy shit while being an absolute bro.
Anterra Chronicles Another really cool manga-ish comic by a Mexibro friend of mine. It feels like every shounen anime starts out, except it stays good instead of getting boring.
The Cummoner A porn comic with a genuinely good plot? Yeah there aren't a lot of these. And there's even a legit reason for the porn part, sex is what charges up her magic.
Mostly Lizard CYOA comics with cute aliased art are everywhere now. This one is just great. A wee blue lizard learns that the entire universe isn't just rainbows and marshmallows.
Will Draw for Food A nice mix of darkly funny and gets-right-to-the-punchline goodness. Very 4komaesque.
TCPCO The pencil comics this guy draws are exactly what Kiwi Day was trying to look like back in the old days. This is all really funny anime stuff, delightfully un-PC, totally nuts.
Res Nullius It's surprisingly deep. There's a lot going on surrounding this human and dino-alien-girl and their space journey.
Boozle Easily one of the best silly fantasy comics around. Simple art that's way high quality.
The Sisters The angular art in this one is kind of weird, but it's anything but flat. Three ginger sisters deal with magical shit in a decidedly normal and very entertaining way.

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