Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

Welcome! This is the sequel to Kiwi Day, a comic that ran for 999 consecutive days from 2002-2004. You're advised to read it first. ^_^

This is a hand-lettered comic, so if you can't read it, all I can say is ... it was this or Comic Sans.

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And that's it, the end. Gotta say the art in the first few panels looks kind of weird, but maybe it's because it's been sitting on the front page now for months and months. I guess if you're still reading this on the front page, then (just like the old comic) I never changed that. I'm a lazy piece of shit, you know?

But really it's hard to think of what I should do. Like, make a new image? Telling people to read from the beginning? It's hard to know what to do with a front page after a comic ends.

The metaphor discussions here are about the comic, and how even though it was over and I missed it, it was a relief not to have to keep drawing it so much. I still do miss this, and keep thinking about doing stuff like redoing the cast page or just finishing up the map and the family tree... As it is, took me a while to do the commentary.

And man it's been fun commentating, I tell you what. Particularly post-timeskip, it got really interesting to re-read and go over. Anyway, uh... Kaen's outfit is goddamn majestic, as is his extrastache. To think we watched that sucker blossom from a little caterpillar into a glorious moth.

I'm going to miss all these little folks. I hope you got attached to them, too. Still weird to think it was a decade of my life. 1044 is such an awkward number to end on, but it's also an accomplishment. I saw Toonami tragically end, then triumphantly return. Every game console I ever bought with my own money I bought during the making of this comic. Fuck.

Boy, you're gonna carry that weight. Good boy.

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