(A lot of this info is written for a first-time reader, so that's why it's out of date!)


Hi there! I'm the protagonist!

Mizuumi has always wanted to be an adventurer, but took a while to get around to it. Now she's 19 and suffering from delayed-career-onset syndrome. You know how it is. With a mayor for one older brother (Shino) and a wealthy forester (Oak) for another, she's got a lot to live up to.

Burgundy and Navy are good colors on me.

This 11-year-old Half-Mercurian is the daughter of Kishon and Princess Tamasai. She's inherited the powers of fire and ice, but needs a lot of practice. For the most part she's shy and lets her brother or Mizu decide what to do, though she actually is pretty smart.

My outfit is teh snazz!newer pic.. this one's better.
Just before Riven was born, her parents found Kimchi in a cabbage patch! He's a good big brother, though he occasionally wonders about his true origins. Also, being plant-related, his powers don't really fit in well in the family.
Ready, willing, and little!

Loki and NeNe did kind of a cute naming thing here with their offspring. As the daughter of a three-quarters-wolf-werewolf and a cat-turned-into-a-catgirl, this 8 year old ended up... a kittywolf-girl.. that is, a catgirl whose cat-bits are kittywolf-bits instead. You still with me? Ok. She's not big on planmaking or brainthinking, but you never know when energy like hers might come in handy.


Fenrir's a wereboy! His usual form is a mostly-grown kittywolf, but he shows his age when he sees the moon and turns into a 5-year-old boy. He's really protective of his sister Hel, and often gives her rides. ^_^

Peace and cool boots for all!
Mizuumi's niece is a 12-year-old half-fairy with an irresponsible sense of fun. She's kinda like Gohan, y'know, like she's got amazing destructive powers but just wants to play and have fun and thus has a hard time using them effectively. Expect to see her changing size often. Sometimes she likes to wear cool boots.
I'm flying by and waving hi!
Ribbon is Robin's other aunt, though she's only one year older. She's got a very complex personality and a minimalist sense of dress (fundoshi and chestwrappings are a winning combination!). She's prolly a little jealous of her niece for having stronger magic despite being an irresponsible halfling.. or something like that. If she is, it's to a minor extent, and not really worth mentioning. <-- what?
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Hel and Fenrir's aunt, she's only 12 but looks a bit older due to being 3/4 wolf ethnically. She might grow up to be a werewolf, but for now her transformation is a smidge unstable. She can turn her lower half into wolf-legs-and-tail pretty much when she pleases. Sasha's a little bit weird, but not immature.. more like.. uncivilized. ^-^

A sweet little ottercat that joined the party. Being half otter and half cat, she's totally irresistable as a team mascot! Mentally she's just an animal, but she's still a valuable part of the team, especially with her ability to store static electricity in her fur and discharge it with her tail!
Peace out, or my dad might have to declare war on your city-state.
Prince of Breezeland. He and Mizu totally fell for each other at first rescue, and it was a fairybook romance from then on (even though he's about 5 years younger). His durable armor and insect-summoning flute come in handy in their travels, but not nearly as much as his considerable riches. Of course, being meek, gentle, shy, and kind, he doesn't go around flashing the cash.


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