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My first priority was showing the swirly on their tummy, so I had to have Robin imagine one, since none were gettin' out th'pool.

Anyone getting sick of all the excited repetition of words? I'm not! Words!

Actually, I was conciously thinking here about whether I should repeat old gags, like Loki's mom's tiny house being mistaken for her house because in a comic you can't tell, and the conclusion I came to is that most people aren't going to have read the old comic because it is old and gray, so I might as well give as many refreshers as I feel like. Now I think the smarter thing would have been to make new jokes on the old things... which is KIND OF what I did here.

also holy shit is Ribbon bashing gnomes?

I guess the gag about Loki's kids mistakenly having the names of other mythological Loki's kids isn't that funny, really.

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