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See now here the fence actually exists in 3D space. Why couldn't I manage that previously? I was improvisin', y'know? Real seat of the pants flight. That's why this arid red-sky gulch exists so near a beach resort.

The Brak Show went with "cleese" to represent the Greek -cles name ending, but that's not very phonetic unless you have cheese on the brain, so I went with cleez for my dumb -cles pun. Also are they still monocles if you wear two?

I don't even think the subjoke about trolling someone was intentional here. It just now occurred to me. Also I remember making the mayor's pupils white just because my style's weird and I wanted eye color variety. You can't have white pupils if you have sclerae.

Also now I understand about socialized medicine and the reason British teeth are infamously bad. Not that they actually are bad, but that bad teeth are evenly spread across society, so they show up where you don't expect them, leaving them without a bad-teeth-equals-poor taboo. And then, because we think of British people as being posh by default, that messes up even that perception. Weird innit?

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