Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Amusing story time! We went to the zoo once and this goose was walking around like he was people. Just looking at the animals, staying with the group. Then at the end when we went to the parking lot he seemed to go looking for his car with everyone else, then realize "oh right, I flew here" and took off. That is the only positive experience anyone in history has had with a goose.

One of many ways Homestar Runner has ruined my vocabulation is I can't not say progrum. It's not like they invented it, they just cemented it.

I never referred to Glavia as "the Ice Kingdom" again after this, because in 6 more months the Adventure Time pilot came out. Also I think I'm using 'schlep' slightly wrong when discussing travel rather than carrying items, but it's kind of the same idea.

I hate to keep overthinking it, but what the hell is wrong with Breezeland that they sent poor Gustav off on his own with pockets full of gems and no transportation? I wonder if maybe this was just his idea and he's pretending it was part of the exchange program, and his dad just ran with it because it would be embarrassing to admit he let him run off. I mean he's already lost a wife and he just lost a son, and he's letting this happen? I dunno man.

Oh jeez I don't even remember what that meme face is from anymore. That is the definition of aging poorly.

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