Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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It's true, Breezeland is friends with all other kingdoms. Also yay, returning character. Remember Chasi? Only now she's not li'l anymore. What a total coincidence she was here. I believe real-Chasi told me once she loved Dr. Pepper so I decided to add that to her character. She does not talk to me anymore.

Sasha is going full Super Sonic in that panel and I love it. Nice mirror with her final design. And yeah even though demons are fairies in this setting, it's hard to hurt them with iron because there's not enough of them to be hurt by it, being so diffuse. Like the sun's corona. Even though Chasi is only half. I'm not super content with that effect, she should look like she's billowing out into smoke, but that's hard.

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