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Always fun to bring in more shojo. They're one of my favorite obscure fantasy races. You've got that red skin thing which is weirdly common among youkai, you've got a thematic excuse for redness (drunkenness), you've got kelplike hair AND kelp for clothes, plus they brew magical sake (which I frequently intentionally take to mean 'magic' in the mushroom sense). You can't go wrong, man. It's just too bad sometimes they're drawn as monkeys (shojo are kind of to orangutans what kirin are to giraffes) or other manner of little furry guys because that doesn't work as well. That Fujimoto guy in Ponyo was clearly meant to be evocative of a shojo.

I'm pretty sure it's called the Ryuuguujou II because there was some spaceship in either Tenchi or Outlaw Star whose name was some-fantasy-place-II. I dunno, that sounds right. Of course I fucking misspelled it on the fucking ship oh fuck.

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