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The real question is why the MAMMOTHS were scared. I mean elephants are scared of mice but there's a legit scurrying-related reason for that. I believe I have written down that snow crabs' shells actually contain ice, so they couldn't be all that tough to kill really.

Oh man. Ribbon is writing her name in the snow. That is.. I like that. I forgot about that. I'm not sure how realistic the hydrodynamics involved would be...

So at the time, panel 2 was just so amazing to me. A view from below a cliff, with some almost perspective kind of! That's sad now. On the other hand I don't apologize for the makeups-and-costumes-bush. Those are real.

I used to spend tons of time thinking about how realistic disguising could work, and hating it whenever cartoons left obvious tells visible. Now I know they do that intentionally so the audience can follow along. Now apparently I have decided here that yukijin only have hair in tones of black, white, and blue. I'm not sure how rigidly I would stick to that. I'm not sure the extent or nature of their ice powers either. I just like them a lot. I really enjoyed developing their unique identity in this setting where they're kinda Ainu-themed. Got some Rimururu inspiration there. And I mixed in some Native American whatnot too. It fits. Holy crap Mizu's skirt there is almost foreshadowing, I didn't realize I nearly copied that later on. The later one was a reference to Supreme Kaiou of Time but this predates that design considerably.

But yeah, they are still Oberon's children, and iron hurts them. That swordswoman's katana is probably bronze I'm gonna say.

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