Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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See he has to wear a kilt so he can easily do triton tail. People never think of that stuff, it's always magic pants with them. Of course sometimes magic is appropriate. I like Robin's choice in tail and the accompanying angelic tendril hair.

Hel, as you may recall, is quite aware of where babies come from, but like so many kids she doesn't automatically think about it, so Shino's parentage takes a while to turn her gears. I'm not sure if arcade machines have been invented, it might just be pinball or one of those fucking oubliette games.

Tessa is a friend I miss a great deal. She was so excited to be put into the comic and insisted that she have pigtails and a tutu. A tutu on a mermaid tail looks so weirdly apt. On the other hand, she seems to have some hair strands in her first panel that she never has again... but then I didn't keep her hair very consistent at all over the next few pages. What do you think is in sea tea? I mean she's a lake mermaid anyway. It's probably kelp.

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