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Homestar quote #1936 there. I forget if your sister's husband's brother is called your brother-in-law too. I think there's a "co-" in there somehow. I'm not going to look ahead to the Shino-becomes-mayor origin flashback to see if it's consistent with his statement here, because I don't remember. I'm going to let it be a surprise, same as you, dear, dear reader. And I say that because I know there's only one of you.

Did I mention the name of the suburb of Lock Town was Pickville? I don't think I mentioned that back then. Hey have you looked at the map? That sucker is kind of hard to use it's so big. Anyway I love that Shino remembers exactly which towns were hit by the Pied Piper in stories. I guess in this universe it was those specific places, rather than Hamelin. But is that really the first place you'd go if you heard Hamelin got burgled?

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