Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Unusually defined crotch on Sasha's wolf legs there. That is not how wolf legs work. I think Shino is just like "Huh. Women can have all kinds of things below the waist, can't they."

Shino evidently has a chef robot. I just want to point out how fantastic a battle whisk is and ignore how shoddily I established "Shino's house has been attacked by the very vandal we're after" with a mere random crunch.

Hey, Ribbon pulled off a pretty cool pose there, right? I'm also pretty proud of how this smoke-shadow-image thing worked out. I must have referenced an anime. Really though it should be swirling more around the other characters too.

Okay so this plot might seem kind of stupid, but bear with me. It goes... at least one places. He mentioned a pie pipe, see?

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