Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I think this is an appropriate level of exposition. It's a little complicated needing to know that elves have that limitation and that the specific forest in the old comic was invisible. Much later I came up with an elf character whose borrowed elm branch was just straight up used as a magic weapon. I felt pretty justified when the OC in Zelda Musou was using a deku stick extremely similarly.

So when I found out what a pie pipe was, and that it was usually shaped like a magpie and that the words for the bird and food were all mungled together, I just had to work that into a story. It was just one of those neat things. Tessa is a good wife. When house is attacked, she makes pies. Like right away.

This invisibility effect aint exactly Predator tier, but this is a time when my spartan backgrounds worked against me. It would have worked a lot better had it been more subtle and had more details behind. But I did nudge each selection a little so it looks like it's lensing the light. Man this is one hell of a clustercoincidence. I don't know if I actually looked up screenshots from that fantastic Simpsons episode while I was looking up the name of the megaphone, but I definitely wanted to evoke the hip 90s kids walking down the street vibe. Given my problems with poses, I think that worked out nicely.

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