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Now here you can see the classic shineless pale anime pupils indicating hypnosis. Way better than swirly eyes, something which I've discovered is apparently a fetish for people. Can't say I get that one, but I am out of touch. Not so out of touch that I didn't realize how panel 8 looks to some, but I think that one actually makes sense. It's like a pun on a word that has the same word root, it's not actually that weird to make the association.

I don't know what kind of music he is actually playing with his ass, whether it was the same as before, whether the flute has some magic or whether it matters what tune you play at all, but remember recorders? Having to play them in school? How awful they were and how they turned so many of us off of music, and the confusing name they had? Man. Yeah I did actually look up Elaine's bad dancing so Kimchi could match its epicness.

So I guess hypnosis is kind of like being drunk in this case? Because Kimchi doesn't know who Mizu is but his desire for smooches is coming right through and that's from deep inside. Who isn't at least a little hot for babysitter? She's there, in your house... giving you a chance to show off and inspire you to new heights of being great in front of someone... Yeah. Of course Mizu has never had a little brother, just two much older brothers. That was definitely the surprise of her life. Miiight have been her first kiss. I'm not gonna say that for sure because probably not.

Too often a snap-out-of-it is made into this too-solid thing, so I like that Kimchi still feels like partying. It is slightly unfortunate that he had to take a hit to the face and that leaves the subsequent aforementioned spanking scene all girls, but that is just how the die rolled. I forget where I got the "hey this isn't a party" kinda dialogue from but it's so dang funny to me. I know it's from somewhere. Maybe that one "this isn't kawaii at all" thing.

The real magic is Shino's bizarre outfit. It's actually really difficult to do if you try good proportions, as I found out later. But yeah speaking of things from the old comic, I busted out the tartar sauce gag again. This time instead of a gag about fish ripped straight out of Garfield and Friends, it has a legit purpose. I'm pretty happy about that.

Lot to talk about in this one. Yeesh.

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