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I go back and forth about elf weaknesses but I kinda doubt they actually flat-out DIE if kept from their elm trees. More likely be too weak to defend against predators. Maybe that's what Ribbon meant. I should hope so since she's from there and should know the rules. Then again if no elves ever leave, the warning would end up like so many old wives' tales that are at least partially true but you'd never know because they're never tested.

Between Shino here and Sasha a few pages ago, I really did not have the hang of drawing 1/4ths behind views at all. Yeeesh. But yeah I got to excuse Shino not joining AND segue into the after-school special lesson part. Pretty slick.

I think I had actually just unconciously gone with the comical "punish a guy for being into girls" gag but when I realized it had gone like three in a row with Mizu shooting him down, it seemed fair to address that that isn't really healthy, and neither is meeting a kiss with a slap. Might not be the best comic for that kind of common sense message (or any), but nobody else is saying it. Quiiiite the contrary.

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