Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Speedboats are how normal people get around in Zu City as some of you may recall. Jokes about the noise, etc. It was a time.

I just love Robin's singing so much. I'm no composer but once in a while lyrics happen and they go nicely in her mouth. And speaking of those... See this is another not-actually-a-pun thing. I doubt the term is the reason they make carvings like that, nor vice versa. It's more just that both suit the same purpose and make sense for the same reason. And speaking of anatomy, at this point I seem to have forgotten how to draw temples. Most of the cast's temples are covered one way or another so I wasn't getting the right kind of practice I guess. I was getting practice writing dumb lyrics, and man that would pay off later so awllllriight. Aw but Robin's eyeshines shouldn't be upside-down just because she is. I usually get that right.

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