Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Finally all of the old main cast has appeared (well almost, depending who counts as main). I'm really happy with Mifune's updated design. He looks cool and he has really earned it. By now he's grown up and he's had a girlfriend so it's really been a good influence. He still has some flair but he's less of a joke. Mysty, on the other hand, looks roughly the same except now she has those little elbow and hip bloobles that older Lerenian women grow. I had a little trouble remembering them and more than once had to go back and edit a finished comic.

Am I the only one that gets confused and thinks about this stuff a lot? Like, if you're looking up at the sky shouldn't the moon be upside-down sometimes? If you're facing a different way? I'm probably really extra dumb and wrong. On the other hand don't overthink this fusion transformation Robin and Ribbon are pulling off.

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