Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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For some reason I feel a lot better about generic "lava-man" type monsters in this comic and in some videogames than I do when worldbuilding most anything else. Also people forget, since it's so unintuitive, that molten rock is still rock. It's still heavy and difficult to move. I like that I chose two-tone rock for this cavern so even the solidified cherufes (they're cherufes. I say this later. That makes them not generic.) can still have visible color ripples, helping ID them.

As Sasha illustrates here, being TOO chibi means arms can't rise over heads, which makes these poses really awkward. Kinda like how most action figures, even the most high-end, don't have a rising trapezius so it's impossible to make a natural arm-raising pose.

Yeah Enryu is still here, he's just kind of.. around. I think I was having issues trying to wrap my head around scale so I never drew him fullbodied.

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