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I had a lot of fun writing this clueless king guy. There's lots of those, but this one is a special kind of mentally-absent. I'm not sure his long-skirt outfit really works for him. I wonder if he put it on by mistake and nobody had the balls to tell him, or he didn't get it when they did.

Usually when I write out the script I try to do it by row, but somehow here I miscalculated and had to put that placeholder in. So how'bout these outfits huh? Sasha's is based on something, I forget. It has that 80s kinda Ripley look to it though which was popular in so many anime. Hel's leotard is from one of her original drawings. Riven did end up wearing legwarmers and a poncho later, though not at the same time.

So yeah, new outfits. That wasn't just gratuitous clothes-eating before, I really wanted to fix some. Riven's is a lot nicer I think, and makes her less of a tube and more in line with her dad and grampa, while Hel's is spunky and fun and sandals really suit her. More than those weird attached-shoes pants. I kept the green and maroon thing because it's like her dad and mom's outfits.

Now with Robin, I was tired of her hair-bits making an area between her face and wings that fill-bucket wouldn't hit, but I really didn't adequately solve that. And not that it's necessary, but yeah now her wings have space. I kept that up despite it being clearly established that she can just magic them through a shirt or something. As mentioned before, the girl Robin was based on wanted her character barefoot and I thought that suited her just fine, even if boots are fun too, so that became a mainstay. And who doesn't like highwater pants, right?

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