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Yeah I hope it's relatively obvious lunar moths don't eat clothes exclusively. They would never find enough to eat. That one going after Kimchi wants some leaf, a more appropriate caterpillary meal.

Both fans and the actual show had not run the Weeping Angels into the ground yet, so I don't apologize for that pointless reference. What I am pretty happy about is all the gravestones being dead webcomics. What's funny is several of them came back, but others extra-never-did. I miss Trilokan so damn much. The stone that's cut off says "DEAD GUY PEREZ" though. That is not a comic.

My handwriting is really improving here. Starting to resemble how it ended up staying. Nice and curvy, with character. In the second to last panel I was apparently trying to make people recede into the background by fading to silhouette, but Sasha and Natascha just look like South Park cutouts and Riven is apparently a ghost, so yeah that was a failed experiment.

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