Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Who could ever say no to a face like that? I wonder what NeNe thinks of other witches that aren't her mom. Aw man I particularly miss Shadey Theatre as that was the first comic site to ever give me some kind of acknowledgement. Got a medal.

I remember having trouble making out the values here on Flower Tower, who is certainly a Whispy Woods-tier memorable plant boss, right? Whatever monitor settings led me to make the colors in this comic so eye-searing were not very compatible with this part but I just wanted it dark and dark it came out.

Yeah what is with those oldtimey bug-gassers? Has anyone seen one of those outside of old cartoons? Evidently I ran out of dead comics to reference by the end here. I suppose that gag would have been funnier had there been more to it than repeating it straight with one substituted word. Two would have been good. Like if it was a spiny thistle it could have been 'over spine thousand' or if it was a pine fl- oh no pines don't have flowers. Oh and Ribbon's bangs being in her eyes threw me off and I drew her hair all big on this one. Oops.

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