Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Oh man remember Billy Mays? I wonder if there's a Crocodile Hunter reference coming up. Yeah this was going to be all one big long comic combined with the previous, but that would've been insane. I have always been a big fan of stock footage, so I copied this panel over and over, even though I redrew it each time since the art kept changing.

Hel must know some other word for the suprasternal notch. I love that thing. It's sexy, really. Little clavicular gap.

This is a good time to really introduce Kaen, yeah? I felt like Mizu needed a dude of her very own, and rescuing a prince is only apprope. Real-Mizu wasn't around to give me advice at the time, and she ended up thinking he was okay but not quite what she would have chosen. I don't think most people are super attached to their insert characters, so it's all good.

Oh man, Toonami came back too! I don't think anyone saw that coming. It's too bad it was still largely shows i didn't really want to stay up til the wee hours for, but yay, right?

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