Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Slightly better bed drawings here. Still not great. Ribbon sleeping on a chair is kind of cute. There's something very sweet about late night rendezvousezes. I like that they both thought of it. Don't you hate when your mouth is full and something happens though? Like a sneeze. The worst is the need to sneeze whilst eating cereal.

Now something I haven't pointed out because I'm still slightly in denial about it is how badly-shaped a lot of my Os were in these early comics, but before I started making a concerted effort to fix it, there were a lot of places where they looked like As instead, and nowhere is it more unfortunate than the neon purple text pointing at Kaen's glasses.

My parents have told me stories about when they were trying to get romantic when they were younger and some little sibling would come over and be annoying. That's the cutest kind of annoyance. There is just all kinds of cute goin' around.

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