Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I don't know where Kaen got those cool pants-penetrating boots but I remember they were a sketch that I wrote down to use later, then used later. I don't know if Natascha has had bad experiences with visiting guests before or if she just has a very vague idea of how commoners behave, but man this is one empty-ass castle. Nice carpeting though.

I worked really fucking hard on that bridge, you don't even know. It was agony. It's weird because I wasn't actually a bad artist back then, I just grappled so hard with certain things. Things that weren't robots or monsters or maybe Zelda characters. That's the great and terrible thing about a comic: it forces you to draw a bunch of other crap if they're going to interact with things like bridges or things other than couches and videogames.

Hey can you tell I'd been reading a lot of TVTropes when I wrote these? Man back before that place got all no-fun-allowed lockdown mode. I like that fishmonger. If you look, even his hair and goatee are fin-shaped.

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