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I was getting silly with the bridgemonger. I have no idea why this would exist or why he's like this. I'm 80% sure this isn't a monarchy-authorized thing. I worked even HARDER on this shot of the bridge, only to realize most of it would be hidden, so fuckit. It's transparent now. If hentai can do that, so can I.

Huh, that's an odd error. Not one worth fixing. Sasha has Robin's skin tone. Can you even tell? I could tell. Hey at least I'm not the Fred Wolf TMNT series putting the lines in the wrong mouths (actually a lot of webcomics I enjoy have a habit of doing that very thing. Word-bubble tails can get lost sometimes.)

Squiddels are pretty disconcerting, right? I mean is there a beak in their ass? I wanna say someone at the time asked me that and I wasn't sure. Oh but hey it's best new mascot character! I'll go into her more in the next commentary. Er, go over her. Er.. no, every preposition sounds wrong. 'Bout this time it looks like I was fixing Fenrir's whiskers, so that's good. On the other hand that was a lot of work to put into his skeleton only to get the bone proportions so wrong. Look at those short metacarpals and that long humerus. Tsk tsk. That is a totally real reaction though, am I right, owners of pets of different sizes?

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