Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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See what's super sweetles is Robin -asks- her name. That was one fortuitous bee. So yeah this was a character my mom came up with, and I thought it was so great that she actually read my comic and came up with such a great idea: an otter-cat hybrid whose fur charges enough electricity to be used as a weapon. So I put it in and gave it a name that was special to her. Then I waited for her to notice or acknowledge it. Next time I heard from her it sounded like she didn't remember any of that discussion or anything about my comic, so yeah. It's the thought that counts.

What am I doing there, mixing an overhead shot with a visible horizon line? You can't do that! Oy. And here's this guy again. At no point did it occur to me I had neglected to give him a name. On the other hand, holy crap continuity. He actually did go find the island where these things come from, so now he's rich. And yet, still pissed off. All the Super Famicom button gems in the world can't make up for his tragic backstory. Remember that? From the old comic? It was awwwwlright.

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