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It's funny that in the beginning of the "Hel can't fully utilize her powers" arc, she's using little floaty wing things that I forgot to ever use again. Those are cute and would be great.

I legitimately enjoy drawing the lines that make ordinary floors and walls into science floors and science walls. Harbl still seems smaller than a full adult hippo but considering she started out plushie-size I think this might be as big as she's gonna get. The little cutie. Grew up fast. Actually I just looked up some hippo facts and oh fuckit you don't care. The point is she eats a lot now and the price of gold around Guerentown has plummeted. And it turns out here science lady has found out their origin so that's all wrapped up nicely.

I wish I could take credit for "oh, just nothing" but that is an original Homestar gag. As, of course, is "Science Again". I'm not sure what HEB stands for. Was I just riffing on Half-Life? The HE is surely Hazardous Environment, but... But yeah, this bugs me in a lot of things. People will put on bionic arms or something and it just clips on partway up the arm or something. That is not how arms work. The chest is part of them. That's why anything with arms is allowed to have at least somewhat titties even if it's not a mammal. Go tell your stickler friends that.

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