Kiwi Day N

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I like that nobody else is questioning whether they need a suit. Clearly only the inside of the control chamber is dangerous. Isn't it great that her 'brute forcing magic using science' involves a skull in a plasma globe? And little ghosty whooshes come out of the chamber. I like that transparent smoke, I should have kept using that.

Holy shit though best cameo right? Lobster is objectively the best character. He is helpful and has all the powers. You like that little stick figure guy there? I don't know why I did that, but the beard is foreshadowing. I got bored of Lobster's family since they (and the Toshiya persona actually) were all someone else's idea that she kind of shoved into the comic, so I just kind of dropped them here. Apparently that's kind of a shame because some people liked Toki and Muffin? Little magical kittens... Yeah well that's what fanfiction is for I suppose. It says something that I thought that panel was actually more eye-searing than average. For me, it was. Now it looks fine actually.

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