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It's funny because I was getting really Pokémony a few pages before this, and it wasn't intentional at all I don't think. Couldn't have been since the show hadn't really been on my radar in ages, not since it got crummy. Obviously I saw and mimicked the iron tail effect, but at the same time I think that was dumb. They also started using a bunch of bland generic CGI overlays instead of animating attacks. Well, why am I telling you this, you were there.

The guy Lobster is based on was quite fond of Pot Noodle, so it seemed appropriate for his magic to be based around noodles. I even called him a noodlemancer in the old comic. I hope that growing effect reads well, it kind of looks like it doesn't. Really, given this guy's backstory, it's surprising he'd even be into transforming, or at least surprising that he can but hasn't yet. Meanwhile Iseebi is one of Lobster's mainstays. Perfect battle mode.

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