Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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At this point that NPC has completely become Chef's dad. But since it's a monster attack, you've gotta let that slide. It's his place. Oh hey more shadows. A rare treat.

Now before you get on me for that crude reference, remember that A) I love old memes like crazy so I had probably only just discovered this a few comics back when I first referenced it, and B) that probably gives you powers if you're a wizard. Probably. Like it channels the extra meme energy. Oh and C) memes didn't suck yet back then. That came later.

I enjoy writing fake alphabets. You ever tried that? It's fun. Lest this guy seem unusually desperate, remember again he's not happy at all with this weird fish body of his. Now he's gotten rich and there's still nothing to do but keep trying to capture interesting animals.

Oh yeah, Lobster works for Neptune. Groundskeeper. It's easy to forget that. Now why Lobster has seen this before but this experienced evil wizard hasn't in well over a decade? Well, um, under.. under the sea! Yeah. Just under the sea.

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