Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Dang, I just realized the last time this guy showed up, he was not on his flying bear skin. I forgot about it. That is a really great way to get around, and thematically appropriate. Hey see how the sky darkened slightly to show time passing? One of these days I should actually study how sky works, what it looks like from different angles, etc. But for now, it's a solid color with blobs of solid color on it, and those colors change color.

Ryan at least gets a name, even if just for a quick gag. But the next gag is even better I think. I recall it getting some laughs. I wonder whom I heard that from. Oh also his hair is a Black Jack homage in case that was too subtle. Love me some BJ. He had him a loli sidekick before it was cool.

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