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That's Hel's Gramzy, remember? There was this whole thing... It's just unfortunate that her name is so short that you have to stick 'witch' in it to sound like you're referring to a person and not some kind of insane post-2012 pronoun. I like that the potion is in a wineskin. Because he's a beige mage! And the look on monsterman's face is just priceless. All of them. You'd think he'd have assumed topical solution since that's what the potion was that did this to him in the first place, but... Yeah. I guess his acne never got any better, damn. Does it even make sense that it's already there when he changes? It's not like he's changing back into how he looked back then, he was way younger. Didn't have a beard yet. Oh hey, a pronoun ambiguity joke. See? It all ties in. Unfortunately he never does appear again, and I can think of a few places he could have. Zi probably let him down gently. All she needs is her cats.

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