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Why else would the shit in Alice in Wonderland be labeled? Those were obviously brands. Brands were simpler back then. Magic Kool-Aid is a That's My Sonic reference. Miss you, Psyguy. I know you dindu nuffin. Yeah evidently they are just cool with heroes visiting, so no real security here. Cozy place. I have always been inspired by the kinds of places where more cosmic folk hang out. Dr. Fate's pad was always really happenin'. It's just all part of being less about punches and more about putting your fingers to your brow and focusing really hard.

I spent so long on those books. It was agony. Unless I'm thinking of some other books later because that really shouldn't have been so much work, but somehow it was. The coloring, I remember, was a pain. Just finding all those colors. I was a puss back then. But I was discussing the important shit, like how magic works. Turban guy is clearly a precursor to another NPC they'd meet later who spouts that kind of fantastic garglemesh.

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