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Times like this I really notice how difficult it is to make out Lobster when he's all one solid color. As it is I lightened him up a bit from where his color should have been and used to be, but in fairness it's hard to see a lobster's parts in real life either unless it's good n' shiny and you have a light on it. I care more about avoiding the cartoon pitfall of the living cooked red lobster than I do about visual clarity.

I think anyone with a decent amount of magic can just summon a costume and restrict their magic to when they're wearing it, but the union gets mad if you aren't actually using a legit henshin item. I do so wonder how this works though given that it customized itself for Hel. Not that she's ever had a flower theme or anything (hmm I wonder if it knew something we didn't yet) but it's pointy and that suits her, as does this color scheme.

I know what you're saying: why doesn't summoner guy have his own comic? I know. He's pretty cool. But that's just how it works. Man has Hel ever used that attack again?

I feel like being who they are justifies Riven and Kimchi being more referencey than the others. Plus they just got really really stoned, so this is a very Lucas Bros kind of mood for them to be in.

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