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This Harlock-ass potion witch is also pretty cool. Can you imagine this place with just all these catalogued magic ingredients? Then again random animal parts probably shouldn't be all that magical. What the hell were the witches in Macbeth making, anyway? And how did they get baboon blood up in Scotland?

Oh man I did Superbook here. I totally did Superbook. Anyone else ever watch that? It'll always stick with me. Anyway splitting up the cast is a lot of fun, as I mentioned before. This is the second one! I would actually write down what sorts of things characters would probably have to say to each other when it's just them, and think up different combinations. This time they had really good ones, but I got them over with a little too quickly. At least the blank pages made things really simple. I probably should have put in some drop shadows just to give a sense of plane, but that only begs the question of what the hell they're walking on. Is the page the ground? The wizards are watching in the book, so are they seeing them from above? Do they have to turn the pages? These are important questions.

Just like the question of the blank pages in books. I just read what those were for the other day but now I've forgotten. When I was a kid I drew in all of them, immediately. I just somehow decided it was okay because they're blank pages anyway.

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