Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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One clumsy thing about being a weeaboo is that "an ofuda" is just clumsy construction. The o- prefix is an honorific, but we just plain treat our nouns differently in English. At least it's not one of those redundant things like "furo tub." In any case how funny is it he keeps his on a roll like fuckin' tape? This is another old design from before N but after original Kiwi Day ended. I wasn't sure how or when I'd use him, but he seemed appropriate here, and he went on to have quite an illustrious career.

As my art somewhat improved, I found myself automatically drawing everyone bigger just because they turned out better that way, but that ended up making panels samey and crowded. It was quite a while before I solved that, but I apparently notice it here and make a note of it.

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