Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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I think we all knew some kid like Sanzoku who insisted on always winning everything so we didn't want to play with him. Usually he has some legit ideas, like this clever demon-summoning thing. Also I dig that for once the prelude to this event wasn't totally meaningless, because a sphinx is a crossbreed thingy too. Kind of a stretch, but still.

Love those running poses. Sometimes I don't suck at those. Even if it was a pain, I had some fun drawing all these crazy crossbreeds since the general rule with this area is none of them is an established griffin kind of thing. The results are mixed, but I dunno. Which one's your favorite? I think I designed Crucifer at work. I wanna say I came up with him around the same time as the Penman or maybe I was thinking of a second desert bandit?

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