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Kimchi probably feels this dude's plant mana and knows he's serious biz. I dunno. In case it wasn't kind of obvious, I just thought if a demon could be named Calcifer then certainly there could be one based on cruciferous vegetables called Crucifer. Technically if I go through the word roots that probably ceases to be a pun. If Lucifer is light-bringer and... the vegetables are probably called that because of some cross shape... But it's fun anyway. Anytime you abbreviate a word and it sounds like another word. And that family of vegetables can be harsh. The chemistry involved is intense. Look it up.

I wonder if there's a word for how demesne sounds like domain and can be used in the same context. Anyway, I thought it'd be neat if the first time Hel uses her magical girl powers against a demon as intended, there was some psychological weakness. Hel has had some bad experiences, the poor dear. She's so dang cute. I was definitely channeling some Baby Plucky with her simply-stated repeated word thing. I resonate with that kind of thing, where media can accurately depict the kind of blankness of a toddler. They aren't all there, and that makes them cute in an animal kind of way.

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