Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Yeah evidently I was experimenting with using more soft brushes.I want to say I got some praise for this but it honestly just clashes, especially without shadows. I wrote in the bird puns before realizing a swallow is kind of not much to look at, so I added that one line of dissent. And then I worked it into another pun, so yay. You can tell from the cramping how last-minute that text was. It had to be a swallow because I like swallows. Oh, and because Python reference. But... I like swallows. My second-favorite Zoid has armor that can turn into one, and also into a horseshoe crab.

So around this time I A) wanted to change up Sasha's outfit because I hated it and the brown didn't really suit her, and B) wanted to address why someone like her would even bother with boulder holders. If she didn't run much or need to use her arms for pummeling people, she'd probably be fine, or just use her arms. In general though it's a bad idea to wear one of those all the time. You're just gonna atrophy.

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