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I am 84% sure they used straight-up burlap sacks to kidnap the gramprnts, but we'll never know! This scritch-a-scratch grass looks better. Somehow it being shaggy and yellow is important for this area. I find creatures like tsuchigumo and kappa fascinating: the way part of their lore is that there is existing lore, and the suggestion that some of it is wrong. It's a lot of fun for people like me and uses like this. I ended up really liking the characterization used here. They just naturally look dirty, but aren't actually, and the silk clothing can potentially stretch to accomodate their transformation. Particularly since they're spindly and the spider legs aren't much thicker. Mister Welcome Wagon here has a ton of personality and verisimilitude I think. We all know someone like that.

I actually do think about the condition their outfits should be in, from time to time. That's probably unnecessary, but for situations like this it works out. I liked this silk scarves thing MUCH more. It gave her the ability to change up her look, the fine pastel silk contrasted with her wild nature, and it accomodates wolf mode so easily. I saw scarves like these sold at Renaissance Festival and I was enthralled with stories of them being worn as one's sole clothing. Oh, and my friend's grandma did regularly shut her droopy grandma tits in drawers, so that is another dealy pulled from real life.

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