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Tsuchigumo aren't really supposed to be all that tall, more like spindly, but in this style that's hard to pull off without making them tall too. I still feel good about most proportion choices purely by avoiding the "Everyone under 19 is under 3 feet tall" thing so many cartoons do. Meprise is Francais for "despised"! I was just tossing city names around here since they were in new territory.

In case you didn't remember or follow that thought bubble, Natascha's dress was made of silk too. I have no idea if spider silk and caterpillar silk are even the same thing, but Fenrir seems to think so. I also feel like it's worth pointing out that tsuchigumo are specifically mygalomorph trapdoor spiders, and those are fucking awesome.

I had apparently learned to write straight here, but the word balloons are still wobbly. I think that actually makes them stand out more, but oh well. Sasha's new sarong is actually drawn properly, unlike her old one, but that makes it pretty awkward when trying to draw the underlying leg anatomy. I think these scary stories similarly don't have the same effect without the buildup, but hopefully that can be fleshed out in your head. In-universe it works, I think. I felt like this moment at the end was a long time coming, because there's no way Kimchi wouldn't eventually ask, and there's no way Sasha would say no. But once you're in that situation, you realize it's just boobs. Or so I assume. Then I just tossed in some random quotes to top it off. It's like a sundae made at home! You probably don't have all the fixins but it's still ice cream so whatever.

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