Kiwi Day N

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Places like this take the comic yet again into a different game genre, being beat-'em-ups in this case. There was a kind of dull 'name appears when hit' gag in the old comic but here I just enjoyed some straight-up humanoid-on-humanoid violence. Then I realized that's a little gruesome for these folk, so I just played with it. Kimchi has that coconut because he was going to bean someone with it. That's another thing he ought to do more.

I have always wanted a yard sign or bumper sticker or summat with that on it, but I've never had a house or car. At this point it's best not to even give politics attention by joking about it. So it turns out Nihon ripped off my idea and there are actual cat cafés where people who don't have cat can come and temporarily have cat. It's still funny making them like unto a strip club though. Cats are sluts. Everyone knows it. Forsooth, Hel's gone pale again. This is so weird. I never noticed this in any of the several times I went back and reread the comic. I guess these new lens implants really work.

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