Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Hobo songs just go on and on.. Oh see now this guy... I was making a random bishie joke and pointing out how Kimchi's the odd hotdog in this back of buns, but I think his weird name is the more memorable part. I just had a friend (don't remember who) who was into texting, and apparently the autocorrect or whatever.. something based on which letter was on which key... meant that culdart was what came out or went in, when trying to type... uh... Okay I guess it wasn't that memorable. I want to say it was "incase" or "because" or some linking word like that. Wait, let me look it up. Oh okay, it was "atleast." I actually... apparently put that in UrbanDictionary, where it remains to this day. That's a great way to save your one-person references forever. Oh wow, the day before this comic was finished, in fact.

It looks like heads kinda shrink when viewed from behind. I noticed that at some point but I don't know that I ever fixed it properly. Riven's man costume is the best ever man costume. Fight me.

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