Kiwi Day N

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In the end I ended up saying less about specific groups and exclusion and more about how terrible clubs are. Why not just have fun inside your own house? If you need other people, do you really want to be around people you wouldn't want in your house?

Is it okay if I'm getting kind of a Lee Lemon thing from Sasha here? It's not just me, right? Just once I want to see some tv show where someone picks up on how obvious it is when you say a secret code that is distinctive enough to function as a secret code. If your cohorts are able to react, then it has to be so obvious that anyone around would know something was fishy. Not that they really needed organization here. Oh hey check out that film projector. I guess that is how they are watching teh porns. This setting is ever so inconsistent with its tech level. Maybe it's more like a zoetrope.

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