Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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Yeah that's it, Kimchi. Hit it with your hand. Riven would probably have made good use of Glacier Beam here, but oh well. Spider ecology discussion is neat and all, but I hope that wasn't confusing. It's not that weird to see a swarm of what looks like adult spiders if you see a much larger one, indicating they are babies. Because baby ones do swarm. And tsuchigumo, in turn, can summon spiders. In this case, they summoned some giant ones. But the ones they turn into are even more giant. Got it?

So it looks like Riven and Kimchi's grandma was right in the previous episode, it WAS a rescue and not a new-power-bullshit episode. Also yeah they probably shouldn't be that big, but I had the buildings and them being ridden and fuckit. As a general rule, transformations like that are malleable; nagas can turn into a variety of sizes of snake, etc.

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