Kiwi Day N

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I'm almost shocked I remembered to address which actual person did the kidnapping. It's a green guy with a purple future witch outfit. I know it's a broken record now but Ribbon should have done attacks like that more often. Li'l floating flame sword. I based that ghoul partially on the youma from the Sailor Moon intro, the one that goes all rotten. I'm sure I made it do the saying-Jii-out-loud-stare because of Zetsubou-Sensei. I just like that in general.

Check out the guy in back wearing an elephant skull helmet. What's his deal, right? And hey the tsuchigumo are still helping out with web bolas and crap. See this is a fun fight scene. Does it lose something by not having any zoomed-out establishing shots of how many people are around? Because I never do work up the energy to do those. Seems like a pain in the ass. I hope panel 5's dialogue reads in the right order for at least someone. I should have split Mizu's word bubble in two.

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