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I suppose Parkincense should make you jittery, but it's all kind of the same thing in the end. Still a good pun. The burnt palettes there are so weirdly satisfying to me. There's an odd phenomenon that whenever I miscolor a character's hair or clothes they instantly look so much cooler somehow. Refreshing. On the other hand, the grass and lightning scribbles are just crummy in this episode.

I actually misspelled incense but I'm changing it right now as I type this so you'll never see it. 8 years isn't too late! There's a missing ear error in this page too, yeesh. There is a limit, though. I have a method to which things I'm fixing and which are left for posterity. Confessing it in the commentary helps.

So here's a character that ends up getting a lot of screentime. She's called Rakshasa just because I was doing the Sasha and Natascha thing, I guess? I had so many more characteristics for her than usual. The gag about her being nervous about compliments is my attempt to make her seem genre-savvy. Like she knows kiss-ass lackeys are worthless. I just hope the fact that said lackeys are all banana-hammocked Cho Aniki musclemen is amusing. Really she makes the comparison to Cirque du Fromage and that place was pretty dang gay (they were fruit-bat vampires as I recall) already.

Shit, 'the Honey Hop' is so cute and out of nowhere. I remember also being quite enamored with Rakshasa's little alligator pet. Who doesn't love little alligators? What's sad is while I was re-reading this I legitimately forgot they were here to find lost sheep. But hey RPGs are like that, right?

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