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Honeybee's static lightning powers might be pretty useful but being an ottercat she spends a lot of time too wet to build up the charge in her fur, so that's kind of too bad. I imagine the Amazon river otters wish they could do like the electric eels in their 'hood. But they can't! That is how water works. And clearly Rakshasa, being an animal trainer, was aware of that weakness. That's her strength and the comic is pretty consistent about that.

Aww see? The babbu alligator is riding on the giraffe too! "Giraffles" is actually a pun real-Mizu came up with, so I felt like adding it. I think it was her, anyway. The silhouettes are kind of unacceptably lazy in this one. As lazy as a unicorn hanging from a tree. Damn lazy unicorn. I suppose Robin should be freaking out over it, but she's preoccupied since she's so dang worried about Honeybee. Just look at those cute expressions on the wee captured mammal. And then look at all those rafflesia and that fucking giant whipscorpion. Can you tell what things I'd been looking up on the internet recently?

Oh now see "Bobby, release the monkeys" is what I was told Elvis's mysterious last words were, at the end of a videotape they found that he made shortly before dying. I've never been able to corroborate that but I don't doubt it really happened. And then after that bizarre reference, I made that particular henchman look like Bobby Ologun kind of. But not really. I think the last few pages have shown a mixture of laziness in art and cleverness in writing, or at least density of puns. I spent a LOT of time pondering the mixture of fruit puns and zombie-primate portmanteaux.

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