Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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NeNe knows ottercats and Loki knows where ground dragons live. They're not the bookiest pair but they know their shit. I actually had to kind of ask myself how the fuck a ground dragon moves over land when I pretty much designed them for digging and even then in a way that makes somewhat little sense, but the halting pose looks fantastically natural.

I hope at least one person remembers when Santa Claus gave Loki a nutcup. Oh hey is that the first garudan to appear in N? I love those guys. I more or less made them up, and they had a much larger presence in the old comic. It's safe to say this episode would have been broken up had I done it any later, but I didn't mind longer ones at the time.

Serge is another friend of mine. I like how obvious and pointless his named cameo is. By this point I was pretty aware of how dumb the practice can be when it's forced, and just rolled with it.

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