Kiwi Day N

by ColdFusion

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When this comic was in the planning stages, I said for sure it would be colored, unlike the old pencil comic. This place and Gagara Caverns are the two environs I most looked forward to rendering properly, because they were so vividly videogamey in my head. All those little swirly bits flying around, just like an autumn day. I still don't know what those were meant to be in Ocarina of Time's Lost Woods. Bugs maybe? Primitive fairies? But stuff floating in the air is just always good. Nausicaa elevated that to a damn art form.

I like when dumb puns actually have a legit meaning so you could see a person saying it kind of. Or as a believable malapropism. Isn't it neat having everyone at the same scale as Ribbon for once? I think so. And I love tiny houses, I admit it. I was so pleased with myself pulling off the "washing the dishes / yeah, both of them" gag. Sometimes I think that kind of humor would work a lot better as a live or animated sketch though.

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